Bits and Pieces

Owl Finds Food in the Winter

Mar 01, 2016

During January of 1983 the Farm Corporation was about to be dissolved. The dispersal of all livestock and fowl had to be eliminated prior to the time the dissolution could take place. We still had one flock of laying hens and there were eggs to grade. All of the other workers were high-school age and on part time and had completed their work time limit, so they had to leave the job site. After I went home for supper, I brought my wife and two daughters back with me to help grade the eggs that were not completed during the regular work hours. As we rounded the bend where Shady Lane road ends at Evergreen Road, the headlights illuminated the snow covered road all the way to Evergreen. Just then a rabbit hopped onto the center of the snow-covered road. As the rabbit reached that point a large owl swooped down and flew off with the rabbit in its talons. Seeing this both of my daughters screamed. When I thought about writing about this experience, I asked my wife and both daughters if they remembered this incident. They responded, “How could we ever forget that one!”

~Frank Romeo, Director of Land Management, Emeritus